My First Post

What a momentous day and occasion, my first ever post on my blog.

This leads me to the thoughts about what I should put on my first blog to make it Interesting? About me? About current affairs?

Let’s start with what is happening in my life right now, this very moment and how it’s affected by external factors.


Right now: I am hammering away on my Macbook. Many people feel that Macbooks and Apple in general have a limited following and provide for a niche market. I have many friends who would stand to argue that other competitors like Samsung, HTC on the mobile market have better features or a more powerful performance.

Almost all of my experience of using apple products has been a case of “less is more” a simple interface, intuitive user interaction (gesture control) on the macbook, easy swipes instead of a conventional click and drag makes for interesting features that appeal to techno addicts like me. I love small niche features like that. Unfortunately, I will never find out who’s idea that was originally, probably a programmer or designer who has had their idea pinched off them by a uni lecturer and sold to apple (lol!)

However, my past experiences of technology and making a plunge into the modern world have taught me that people are afraid of making that upgrade until someone almost drops them in it. With both my sister and fiancee, they have my past iphones. Unlike me, when I passed these down to them, they were not as inviting as I originally was. Curiosity and more so learning the ways of the iphone and its features was not the initial norm for them. Instead it was more of a “ask Ray” factor. However, 3 months down the line. Both were saying the same as I do…

“I can’t live without my iphone”

I’m not sure about you, but this statement is very true, if you lost your phone, you feel cut off from the world. Your morning check on the news, updates on Facebook, games on your commute or at lunch is temporarily gone. Whereas I remember 10 years ago, I had no phone, the way to communicate was a letter not email and to call I needed 20p to nip to the payphone.

…where do you think technology will take us in another 10 years?…



Well… That was my first blog post!

Hope you enjoyed it, here’s a picture of my beautiful fiancee and I in Versailles (France) to finish on!



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