Processed process

Are you a process person or do you simply go with the flow?

I would imagine that the response of 99% of people you would ask is somewhere in between both.

We need process in order to function correctly in life, however when we escape from the process in order to relax (eg holiday) it’s a welcome relief to us all.
Having recently moved roles, I am back to a process driven mentality and ethos… Frankly put…. I absolutely love it. Those that know me would say that I am a relaxed guy and generally chilled out. However, that is because life has thrown many different scenarios at me and I like to be prepared. I like to to look into the future and be ready for what might be round the corner.

Don’t get me wrong. When I relax I cut away from the process of life and relax. However, my now work hard and play hard mentality is perfect for keeping those processes in place and progress with my career.
Have a great bank holiday all.


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