The weak-end

This time last week I was walking on a Glacier.

The weekend before that I was packing and preparing for a week that I remember for the rest of my life.

My memory eludes me sometimes when I have so much going on my life. Sometimes a weekend strings together and I find myself reflecting on what I achieved not just on that weekend but on that week.

When I suddenly snap back to reality (no Eminem quote intended) I remember all the important things in my life, getting into the mind set of enjoying life and absorbing all the emotion that life throws at me.

Coming back from one week away usually means life beings to whirr up and move on again. For me, it was a case of…

Land in the uk

Unpack (by unpack I mean sprawl everything on the livingroom floor)

Head out and party!

By party I meant head to Twickenham!

The weekend has already melted away for me. Mainly because of the amount of Guiness that was consumed… I find myself staring down the barrel of Monday and ready to tackle my next adventure!