Free weekend – Flying solo

For those lucky readers that are in a relationship / married / ‘it’s complicated’ we have all been in the same boat as I am experiencing right now.

The wife is away for the weekend – initial thoughts – WOOHOO PARTY!!!

Actual reality… completed all the housework due to boredom, pottered around, done my exercise for Friday, 1/2 hoovered the house, emptied the dishwasher…

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.27.31.png

So here I am, a little past midday on Saturday. Emotions are stable, Sunday is well planned in terms of a bike ride with a friend yet I feel like I am missing something. A part of me. The other half?…

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I’d like to review about how much a relationship matters to me and how that impacts my everyday life, whether it be professional or personal.

Several of my colleagues have their other halves working in the same company and in some instances, the same team. It works for them and fair play to it, I very much like to have ‘me’ time at home or at work which helps me focus and relax.

My life consists of work, where my wife has no input in my 9-5 life. However when I come home, she shares the burden (loosely used) of the chores that we all have to cope with.

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First and foremost, I consider myself quite lucky to be able to spend time on my own. I entertain myself, I let my mind wander, I let my thoughts drift and I let myself sink away from Monday – Friday.

I’m not a introvert by any means, however, I have traits which allow me to enjoy both social and independent situations.

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This brings me nicely to analysing why I am at ends of what to do with myself, I am so used to company at home. Short of buying a puppy or having a baby, it’s quite nice to spend some time alone and reflect on what to do, the freedom of ‘doing’ anything and not being strapped to a schedule.

All the while, at the back of my mind, knowing that I have a few days to myself is relatively pleasant, the anticipation of my soul mate returning always leaves me with a warming feeling.

Have a great weekend all