Learning, earning and yearning

Almost 4 months into my new role I reflect on the past quarter and wonder… What have I done?

As always in life, I am pushing the boundaries of my capabilities. Forseeing and pre-empting what may lay in wait for me.

Noticeably I have finally found synergy with my career, life and family.

It might not seem much but eating my first ice cream cone was a major breakthrough at work. With simple networking, many people suddenly had clocked on that I was not intolherant but allergic to Dairy.

Now that’s where it usually stops. However (no names mentioned mainly because I can’t remember his name) out of the good ness of his heart, located me the next day and gave me free fron ice cream cones.

You… My new found work friend, will forever have a place in my heart. Albeit a nameless place…

Work is always around me. Packaging… As forementioned I work in an industry that constantly puts me ON. Rather than OFF. Due to the sheer presence of Packaging. Unlike other work I’ve done previously, I have deep dived Packaging as a whole whist expanding and developing my commercial skills.

Luckily for me, I’m a bit of an geek and love Packaging to the detriment of my usual weekly food shops with my wife. She finds it quite (un)amusing dancing around each aisle looking at plastic punnets and talking about top film.

Inside, I feel that I have found my happy place in my career. I get paid to go to work, work with suppliers and engaging the relationships taking the stakeholder management piece to the next level. Safe to say. I love my job.